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Industrial PVC Conveyor Belt

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+91 819 9999 859

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Heritage Garden Road, Vill. Shimla Molana, Grand Trunk Rd, opp. Babarpur Mandi, Babarpur, Panipat, Haryana 132103

Industrial PVC Conveyor Belt Manufacturers & Supplier in India

Shree Bhardwaj sales corp. provides a wide variety of Industrial conveyor belts suitable for the bulk handling requirements of distinct industries. Our PVC Conveyor belts are made using high grade material and are well- liked by our customers. They are used in a variety of sectors to transport from light to heavy loads. PVC Conveyor belts also have the characteristic of high strength, small elongation, and good temperature resistance. Our PVC conveyor belts are reliable choice and best in the industry.

Quality Construction

One of the main advantages of using our PVC conveyor belts is a wide spectrum of bearing surface characteristics, i.e., area of contract between two objects. These belts provide good chemical resistance along side resistance to hot water and steam.

What You Receive?

We offer cost-effective, reliable, affordable, and durable PVC conveyor belts for companies to keep production lines moving. You can choose from a variety of colors, cover styles, and strengths to meet you company’s requirements.

We are dedicated to providing you with experienced customer service.

What Is Include?

Shree Bhardwaj sales corp. is an industry leader dedicated to surpass your expectations. We will provide you exactly with the products that will satisfy your business’s need.
We perform a variety of tests to analyze the strength, degradation resistance, and overall durability for general and bulk handling before the product is delivered to our customers.
Our staff is extremely knowledgeable with over 35 years of experience in the industry. We are well-versed in providing custom conveyor belt solutions.