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PVC Cleated Conveyor Belt

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Heritage Garden Road, Vill. Shimla Molana, Grand Trunk Rd, opp. Babarpur Mandi, Babarpur, Panipat, Haryana 132103

PVC Cleated Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in India

Conveyor belts with a regular surface design are prone to slippage, hence cleated belts are essential in the material handling business. Shree Bhardwaj sales corp. offers PVC cleated Conveyor Belts designed for carrying items at inclines more than 18 degrees. Our PVC Cleated conveyor belts give the support and grip required to transfer products upward or from one level of a location to another. It is an ideal choice for transporting a variety of items between 18 and 45 degrees of inclination.

Quality Construction

We have been providing a broad range of PVC Cleated Conveyor Belt for a variety of applications. Our Conveyor Belts demonstrate the ease of usage, low operating maintenance cost, bulk material conveying capacity even at 45 degrees angle, and anti-Skid for loose conveyed materials.

What You Receive?

Our PVC Cleated Conveyor Belts are available in a variety of styles and sizes. We also help and advise clients in selecting the appropriate sort of product based on their application and specifications.

We provide the greatest services in addition to the best products.

What Is Include?

Shree Bhardwaj Sales Corporation is an industry leader committed to exceeding your expectations. We will give you with exactly the items you want for your business.
Before we send the product to our clients, we do a series of tests to assess its strength, degradation resistance, and overall durability for general and bulk handling.
With over 35 years of business expertise, our crew is exceptionally knowledgeable. We have extensive experience in supplying customized conveyor belt systems.