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Rough Top Conveyor Belt

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Heritage Garden Road, Vill. Shimla Molana, Grand Trunk Rd, opp. Babarpur Mandi, Babarpur, Panipat, Haryana 132103

Rough Top Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in India

Shree Bhardwaj Sales Corporation; Your first choice for rough top conveyor belt. But Why? It takes a specific sort of belt to transport or carry lightweight materials like paper, glass, boxes, packaged items, etc. over flat or slope surfaces. Shree Bhardwaj sales corp. rough top conveyor belts are specially made for this use. They have a ridged rubber surface on top and either fabric or standard rubber back. To prevent the rolling or slipping of the material being delivered, the top cover's ridges have a high coefficient of friction.

Quality Construction

Our conveyor belts with rough tops are built to give a top cover made of rubber that is resistant to wear and has a non-slip surface, which helps to absorb vibrations and impacts while also providing a surface that is non-slip.

What You Receive?

For a better grasp on packed goods or units, our rough top conveyor belts are composed of wear-resistant rubber with a rough imprint and thousands of flexible gripping fingers. Moreover, these belts have an inclined angle that can reach 35 degrees.

We are one of the most-trusted conveyor belt brands

What Is Include?

Industry pioneer Shree Bhardwaj Sales Corporation is dedicated to going above and beyond your expectations. You can count on us to provide you with the exact goods you need for your company.
We do a number of tests on the product before we provide it to our customers to evaluate its durability for everyday use and bulk handling.
Our team has an incredible amount of business knowledge thanks to their more than 35 years in the industry. We have plenty of experts providing specialized conveyor belt systems.