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Timing Belt

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Heritage Garden Road, Vill. Shimla Molana, Grand Trunk Rd, opp. Babarpur Mandi, Babarpur, Panipat, Haryana 132103

Timing Belt Manufactures & Suppliers in India

The timing belts from Shree Bhardwaj Sales Corporation are an improvement on the Imperial trapezoidal tooth type, resulting in a more uniform power transfer when the teeth are in mesh. Our belt design produces a greater torque transmission due to a better transfer of belt tension to the tension cords and an even distribution of stresses within the tooth profile. Our product portfolio serves conveying and linear movement operations where precise component and product positioning is necessary for optimum performance.

Quality Construction

Our timing belts include a low-elongation tensile component made of glass cord that is helically coiled in opposing pairs throughout the whole belt width. This component gives the belts an elevated level of length reliability and tensile strength. With Polychloroprene teeth and backing, they are resistant to oil, tropical climates, UV rays, and ozone temperatures.

What You Receive?

As the manufacturer of timing belts, we are able to offer customers the ideal solution, including items created just for them. We are here to answer any of your inquiries in-depth and meet your demands.

Shree Bhardwaj Sales Corporation: Delivering excellence to you

What Is Include?

Shree Bhardwaj Sales Corp. guarantees to go above and beyond for you. We will only provide you with the products that are actually required for your business to operate.
Before providing the product to our clients, we put it through a number of tests to determine its strength, resistance to deterioration, and durability for general and bulk handling.
Our staff members have more than 35 years of combined industry experience, making them extremely competent. We have experience with several unusual conveyor belt systems.